Who We are

We are an organization of responsible snowmobile riders from several states in Northern New England.  We are a charter member of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA).  We have over 100 miles of trails located in Littleton, NH that traverse public and private land that we take care of and groom on a regular basis, conditions pending.  

Our activities include trail work, local and distance snowmobiling throughout New Hampshire, regular club meetings, and various other events throughout the year.

The Littleton Off Road Riders was formed in the 1970's for the purpose of stimulating and advancing snowmobiling as a safe, family-oriented winter activity.  We encourage a cooperative spirit between all snowmobilers and other winter sports enthusiasts who use trails on private and public land for recreation.

It doesn’t matter what you ride, It only matters that YOU RIDE!
— Unanimous Snowmobile Enthusiast

What we do

  • Groom over 100 miles of snowmobile trails located in and around Littleton, NH.
  • Participate in and Host various club Events throughout the year to promote snowmobiling as a safe, fun, and family oriented recreational activity.
  • Build, repair, and maintain all snowmobile bridge crossings throughout our extensive local trail system.
  • Develop, publish, and sell local trail maps in the Littleton, NH area to ensure that riders never get lost!
  • Maintain trail markers and junction boards on all local Littleton, NH trails.
  • Most of all we are a community of like-minded individuals that enjoy snowmobiling and having safe, family oriented fun on our local trail system.