(Adopted: April 24, 2015)


Littleton Off Road Riders, Inc.




Section I: The name of this club shall be Littleton Off Road Riders, Inc. (LORR) hereinafter known as “the Club“. The Club shall be a member of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA).



Section I: The purpose of the Littleton Off Road Riders, Inc. is to stimulate and advance the general welfare and safety of Off-Highway Recreational Vehicles (OHRV), to serve the interests of OHRV owners, to develop a fraternal spirit among local OHRV enthusiasts, to provide a medium for exchange of OHRV information, and to perform all desirable and lawful functions for the successful operation of the club and in the general public interest.

Section II: Maintain a system of trails for the use of snowmobiles. Acquire permission for use and maintenance of trails within the club boundaries.

Section III: The Littleton Off Road Riders, Inc. is a non-profit corporation duly registered with the State of New Hampshire.



Section I: Any person interested in snowmobiling may apply for membership to the

The Littleton Off Road Riders, Inc. Members strongly adhere to the following principles:

a. Person has agreed that they and members of his/her family while operating a snowmobile will abide by the New Hampshire laws governing the operation of snowmobiles.

b. Snowmobile(s) will be registered in accordance with existing laws of the state.

c. Person has agreed that they or any member of his/her family will not operate a snowmobile in such a manner as to endanger themselves or the lives and property of others.

d. Person agrees that they will not operate a snowmobile or club equipment while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, narcotic or hallucination drug.

e. Person agreed that their snowmobile will be maintained in good mechanical condition.

f. Payment in full of yearly membership dues.

Section II: There shall be three types of memberships open to those who qualify from above:

a. Family Membership: shall consist of a family membership, where all children

are under 18 years of age. Family membership carries with it two votes, one vote per each adult, on all business or elections that come before the membership. When a child family member becomes 18 years of age, they must apply for separate membership.

b. Single Membership: shall consist of membership for the individual and carries one vote for all business or elections that come before the membership.

c. Honorary Membership: shall be open to the following, any current member or non-member whom the club feels has rendered us a service or has shown through their efforts a desire to be of help and promote the club and snowmobiling. This prospect does not necessarily have to live in the area in which the club operates. A prospective Honorary Member shall be sponsored by a club member and be elected to this category by a two-thirds majority of club members attending the regular meeting. This membership requires no dues and has voting privileges, and can hold any office, provided that this member has participated in a majority of meetings. An honorary member is encouraged to participate in club activities. Membership also includes enrollment in the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA).

Section III: The annual membership period shall be from July 1st through June 30th.

Section IV: Membership revocation: Upon a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors, a member can be recommended for removal for significant violation of Article III - Section I requirements. This action may be initiated by any member by bringing it to the attention of the Board of Directors at any regular meeting and requesting a vote for membership revocation. The vote will occur at the next regular general meeting by members attending the meeting.

Section V: A member may resign from the club at any time upon written notice to the Secretary. Membership dues are non-refundable.



Section I: The annual dues shall be as follows;

a. The membership dues for the year will be set by the Board of Directors at the first meeting after July 1st and voted on by the members attending the meeting. That amount is broken down as follows: a Family or Single annual club membership fee, plus the regular NHSA membership fee.

b. Family and Single membership dues shall be described in Article III- Section II.

c. Only members who shall have paid their dues will be entitled to vote at Club

Meetings, hold Club Offices, and/or serve on Committees.




Section I: The management of the club shall be vested in the Board Of Directors, hereinafter known as “BOD”.

Section II: The BOD may recommend to the membership an amount of money that may be spent by the Officers in executing the Clubs business as a petty cash operating fund. The amount is to be approved by a vote of the majority of the quorum, at the first meeting after July 1st. Receipts for all expenditure from this fund will be filed with the Treasurer at the next scheduled meeting and included in the Treasures report.

Section III: The BOD shall hold an annual meeting after taking office on July 1st. The time and place shall be decided by the members of the board.



Section I: The BOD shall consist up to 10 directors, each whom shall be an active member in the club. Seven of these Directors will be the Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Trail Administrator, Trail Master and immediate Past President. An additional three Directors shall be elected. The Directors shall be elected at the regular meeting of the membership in May and shall take office on the first meeting after July 1st. Each Director shall be elected to serve for two years or until his successor shall be elected. No Director shall be elected to serve more than four consecutive terms. The President shall serve on the BOD as Chairman. The President votes to break ties. The Club Vice President will serve as Chairman at BOD meetings in the President’s absence.

Section II: In case of the vacancies of the BOD by reason of death, resignation, elected as an Officer, or otherwise, the members attending the meeting shall, by majority vote, elect a successor or successors for the unexpired term or terms.

Section III: A majority of the members of the BOD shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of Club business.

Section IV: Meetings of the BOD shall be held as needed. Any member of the board may call for a meeting by notifying all board members, and upon giving as much prior notice of the meeting as possible.

Section V: Any member of the BOD who misses 3 consecutive meetings, or 5 within a year, absent extenuating circumstances, will be subject to dismissal from the Board by the BOD.

Section VI: All BOD shall turn over all Club properties and records in their possession to the club President or successor at the end of their term or release of their position.




Section I: The officers of this Club shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trail Administrator, Trail Master and immediate Past President.

a. Election of Officers: A nominating committee will be appointed by the President at the first April meeting. Additional nominations for officers shall be made from the floor. Only those who have consented to serve if elected shall be eligible for nomination.

b. Election shall be during the first meeting in May.

c. All officers shall assume their official duties at the first meeting after July 1st.

d. The offices of President and Vice President shall not be occupied by the same person for more than four consecutive terms. The offices of Secretary, Treasurer, Trail Administrator, and Trail Master are not subject to any term limits.

Section II: A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled by a special election at the next regular meeting. A simple majority vote of the members attending the regular

meeting is needed to elect the new officers and directors.

Section lll: All officers shall have such other powers and duties as are required by law.



Section I: President - It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Club, to look after its interests, to see that all transactions are carried out in conformity with the By -Laws and to act as Chairman Ex-Officio of all committees. The President shall be authorized to act for the club in signing official documents.

Section II: Vice-President - During the absence or temporary incapacity of the President, shall perform the duties and have the powers of the President. The VP shall take over the chair at meetings in areas where the President has a conflict of interest.

Section III: Secretary - The Secretary shall keep all of the Club's records, other than financial, including minutes of meeting, roster of members, lists of Committees and their members, shall read all notices of meetings, and discharge all of the usual secretarial functions of the office required by the By-Laws. The Secretary shall keep record of all those attending the meetings and include them in the meeting minutes.

Section IV: Treasurer - The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Club, receive applications for membership, and have charge of its funds. He/she shall keep all of the Club's funds in a bank account approved by the BOD and in the name of the Club, subject to withdrawal by checks requiring two signatures. No two officers living in the same household can sign checks. Club expenses to be paid will be by a majority of vote at the regular club meetings. The Treasurer shall pay all club insurances and required dues to the county and NHSA annually. A Treasurer's report shall be prepared for each meeting and an annual audit shall be prepared following the close of the business year ending June 30th.The President in cooperation with the Treasurer will on an annual basis, hire an expert knowledgeable in Federal and NH State tax law to review our financial procedures and to insure the club is in full compliance with applicable laws relating to non-profit organizations.



Section V: Trail Administrator - The Trail Administrator shall be responsible for all equipment registrations and maintain an itemized list of equipment owned by the club for insurance purposes. They shall write and submit to the state all paper work needed to apply for grant programs as agreed upon by the club. They shall submit the grooming hour logs to the state by the submission deadlines. They shall keep an up to date list of all land owners, owner permission slips and a topographic map of the club trail system.

Section VI: Trail Master - The Trail Master shall have control and responsibility for all equipment owned by the club and maintain all equipment maintenance and service logs. They shall make assignments for the usage of the equipment, establish a grooming schedule and oversee the completion of the grooming logs to be given to the Trail Administrator to meet submission deadlines. They shall be responsible for establishing and coordinating any work parties formed for trail maintenance and signage. They shall report on trail conditions and maintain the trails free of any known hazards. The Trail Master shall make recommendations for consideration of trail projects or equipment needs to the BOD when applying for grant programs.



Section I: The fiscal year of the Club shall commence on July 1st and end on June 30th.



Section I: The annual meeting of the members of the Club shall be held at the time and place designated by the general membership.

Section II: Regular meetings of the members of the Club shall be each month September through May at the time and place voted upon by the members attending the meeting. Meeting for summer months, June through August may be called by the club officers or any member of the BOD.

Section III: The President may call a special meeting of the BOD whenever in their opinion it may become necessary for the welfare of the Club.

Section IV: One third of the membership, or four voting members in good standing and two officers, or a majority of the BOD present at any regular meeting or special meeting shall constitute a quorum and no business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present.

Section V: The privilege of holding office, introducing motions, debating and voting shall be limited to members whose current dues are paid.

Section VI: In a tie vote, it shall be the Presidents discretion to cast a vote or not.



Section I: Parliamentary procedures shall be followed in conducting regular and special meetings. The agenda of the meeting shall be prepared by the President. 


Suggested topics include:

a. Call to Order

b. Roll Call

c. Secretary's Report

d. Treasurer's Report

e. Trail Master’s Report

f. Communications

g. Reports of Committees

h. Unfinished Business

i. New Business

j. Adjournment



Section I: All members and officers of the Littleton Off Road Riders, Inc. Club shall be considered volunteers and shall not receive payment for their services as members, officers, or as members of any committees.

Section II: No officer or member of the Club shall contract any debts for or against the Club without first being authorized to do so by the BOD or a majority vote of the assembly at a regular meeting.

Section III: Any capital improvements (i.e. purchase of equipment) shall be approved by majority vote of the assembly at a regular meeting. In the case of equipment breakdown or trail maintenance emergencies, the BOD shall be authorized to vote to expend such monies as necessary to remedy the situation.

Section IV: Club equipment may only be operated by trained or certified members in good standing when authorized by the Trail Master. Equipment which is owned by the Club, may not be used for any personal, business or for profit use.

Section V: There shall be a written notice of any major change in the Club’s structure, equipment, operating procedure, or proposed change in the By-Laws. This notice shall be presented at a regular meeting of the club and voted on at the next regular meeting of the Club.

Section VI: All charitable donations must be decided by a majority vote of the assembly at a regular meeting.

Section VII: The chairman for any committee will be elected by the majority or appointed by the President. Any elected chairman may appoint his own committee but he may waive this privilege if he desires.

Section VIII: All Club publicity shall be approved by the Publicity Director or Club President.



Section I: Upon dissolution of the organization

a. The Club’s assets shall be sold, or auctioned to the highest bidder, and all monies raised thereby shall be used to settle the debts and obligations of the Club. Any monies remaining shall be donated to the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association, Inc. or another non-profit snowmobile club. This donation shall be at the discretion of the majority vote of the BOD.

b. The Club’s trails system shall be turned over to surrounding clubs as determined by the State of NH, Bureau of Trails.

c. The Club may only be voluntarily terminated or merged with another club following a two-thirds majority favorable vote of members present at a regular meeting, with the nature of the vote having been brought up at a prior meeting not less than one month, nor greater than three months prior to the meeting at which the vote shall be taken.



Section I: The By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Club by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, providing notice of the amendment shall have been given at the previous meeting, published on the clubs website, and emailed to all club members.

Section II: These By-Laws shall be reviewed and rewritten as necessary by a committee appointed by the President. The rewritten By-Laws shall be then approved by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Club present and voting.




These By-Laws were voted and approved on April 24, 2015


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*************POSTED 2/25/2016******************


Article XV - Volunteer Protection Clause

For purposes of compliance with federal and state volunteer protection laws, all active members will be considered to be volunteers when performing duties or tasks in support of the purpose and mission of the club.

The club defines an active member as any member upon acceptance of application and dues.  The club will maintain a list of active members.

Volunteers who are not a member must sign a release form before assisting with the club.


Article XVI - Conflict of Interest

Prior to joining the Board of Directors or becoming an officer of the club, the board member or officer must disclose any personal or business relationship that is in conflict with his or her duty or loyalty, weather actual or potential, to the club.

If a transaction, financial or otherwise, is presented to a board member or officer has a personal or business interest in the matter, he or she must disclose that conflict of interest to the Board of Directors and remove himself or herself from any board discussion and not vote on that motion.

All transactions, financial or otherwise, between board members or officers and the club they represent shall conform to applicable New Hampshire law.

Directors and officers shall act in accord with their duty of loyalty to the club they represent and shall avoid self-dealing and shall not participate in non-financial transactions or otherwise that violate their duty not to profit.