Greetings from the North Country. It’s been a long hot summer and it will be good to see the leaves change.

Everyone knows last winter was pretty dismal. Only the most hardcore riders escaped to the far reaches of Maine and New Hampshire to find rideable conditions. The rest of us was wishing we could somehow make our own snow since Mother Nature wasn’t doing her job. It only takes one bad winter season to throw off even the best planned budget. So, how does a club maintain trails and keep the office running when no snow means less revenue? Have a Bake Sale? Sell T-Shirts? Sell Advertising on Maps and Trails? BEG? After doing ALL OF THAT, I believe volunteering at the NHSA’s Race into Winter/Grass Drag Event is our club’s best fund raiser.

Mathematically speaking, for the amount of time and effort put into the different fund raisers, the Grass Drags is the most profitable. Our club makes $10 an hour per person to work before, during and after the event. The jobs and tasks are simple, we get to meet other club members and the race atmosphere is alive and fun. The event takes place only one weekend out of the year, that’s it. Think about how many cupcakes it takes to make $10 an hour? Think about how many Ads need to be sold? And how many of those T-shirts are still in stock? We still need to produce maps and it’s always great to have that logo shirt but if your club is looking for a solid fund raiser, give the Grass Drags a try. Last year, eight of our club members made enough money to buy a used SKANDIC. This year our take will go to repairing more bridges and continuing to upgrade the trail signage. It’s very reassuring to know there is reliable money to be made to support Littleton’s trail system.

Oh yes, those fabulous trails. As you ride on our trail system, know we have been very busy replacing old and damaged bridges. You will get around our trail system easily as the many new directional signs will keep you on course and in the correct direction. And do not forget that Littleton is famous for its scenic vistas. Plan on stopping and taking in the views from Walker Mountain, the Moore Dam ledges and the legendary Mount Eustis. Do take care in town on the rails. A small section of train tracks remain containing several switchers which can catch and stop a sled in its tracks. We are hoping 2017 will be the year they are removed. The summer of 2017 will also bring a small expansion to our trail system as we plan the reopening of Parker Mountain and the Gary’s Drive connector.

The lack of snow last season may have put a damper on our budgets, but it also gave many of us time to think about how to make the most out of fund raising. 


Michelle Schafer

Littleton Off Road Riders

Snowmobile Club