Happy Holidays! The Littleton Off Road Riders are getting into the holiday spirit early this year. We just keep getting good news and well wishes from many different avenues. To get into the public eye, the club entered a Christmas Float into the Littleton Downtown Parade, which is held the Friday after Thanksgiving. Club members meet to decorate a trailer early Friday morning and then line up to take that walk through Main Street. This was the 43rd year the parade marched through Littleton. It was cold and rainy, but we made a good showing of it. Donna Thompson, Sandy Simons and the young Thompson Kids decorated the trees. Doug Cross let us borrow his grandkids sleds (SO CUTE) and Steve Hight pulled out an old fashioned sleigh, from where ever he hides those type of things, to finish off our display. Club members George and Brian Thompson, Scott Schafer and Scott Simon worked to fancy up the truck. We had our gigantic ‘Happy Holidays – Join our club’ sign hoisted high with a six foot inflatable Christmas Moose in the back of the truck. It was grand enough to make the judges Ooh and Ahh before giving us the BEST IN SHOW award. It’s funny, I never realized HOW BIG that Christmas Moose looked until I saw photos in our local paper.

Really good news. - The Lisbon Stump Jumpers WILL be holding its Vintage Snowmobile Race. Mark your calendars for February 11th. Snow or Shine!

More good news. -  The Mt Eustis ski area is coming around and working with us. Another reroute was cut, making the trail going up and down, a lot less steep. This reroute will also give snowmobilers three different lookout points. Mt Eustis does have quite a view. One can see the presidential mountain range during the day and town sky lights at night. If you make a trip up, you must stop and look. Some volunteers for the ski group have also started to promote trails in another part of Littleton, Parker Mountain for instance. We are beginning to meet and discuss with these other volunteer groups the importance of helping to maintain those trails. A cross country skier or fat biker cannot be upset at snowmobiles when it’s the snowmobilers who keep the trails maintained. It’s all about educating the outdoor enthusiast. The More the Merrier it should be, trails that is.

And to end this note, this year our club will get together at the Schafer’s House (the original Mt Eustis ski lodge) for a holiday pot luck supper and Yankee Swap on December 21, starting at 6:30. Come on by, you might win the door prize.

On behalf of The Littleton Off Road Riders, I would like to wish all of you a happy holiday, safe riding and a very snowy new year. – Michelle Schafer