This Thanksgiving holiday week we are giving thanks to our sponsors and other local businesses that have helped us. Dodge Construction, Val Polson from Meadow Leasing along with Hight and Sons have helped our club in so many ways. Without them we would still be working with shovels and pick axes. We also give thanks to club crew member Doug Cross. The time and energy he has given us is a god send. Without him we would still be fumbling with landowner relationships. We give thanks to Jenna Hayes and the growing crew she assembles to work at the NHSA grass drag event. The money earned at this event has helped the club afford insurance and has allowed the club to start saving for a new groomer. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.

To keep the holiday spirit alive our next event will be the Pot Luck Christmas Party and Yankee Swap. This year it will be held on December 15. Location and time will be posted on our Facebook page The only club business to be discussed will be the planning of a Poker Run. We are planning on having the poker run on February 17, the week AFTER Lisbon`s Vintage Race. If all goes well the poker run will be bigger and longer next year. Some of our club members would like to see a Mega 150 mile run that includes several North Country clubs. That’s a little much for a rookie like me but if the demand is there, who knows what can happen.

In the mean time the Littleton Off Road Riders will be having fun playing a weekly game of Spot Carl the Cardnial. Once a week, the groomer driver will move the bird to a different section of trail. When a snowmobile rider spots the Cardnial, they should take a selfie with the bird and post it to our Facebook page. What started as a silly little game became a very competitive game of who would be first to post a selfie with the Littleton Carl the Cardinal. You should check out some of last year’s selfies on our Facebook page and Friend us. We will be using Facebook a lot to post our up coming club events and would Like you to know all about it.

We are always seeking new members to help support our activities. Feel free to join the Littleton Off Road Riders Snowmobile Club (LORR) by contacting our membership director Scott Simons at  scsimons@twc.com or by attending one of our club meetings. We certainly hope you can join us!


By Michelle Schafer